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South Manchester AOS
South Manchester AOS5 days ago
🎈 🍰 Life member Edna Lawson celebrates her 93rd birthday today!! 🍰 🎈

Edna was in our very first production (β€˜The Mikado’) back in 1955 and has remained an active stalwart of the company along with her husband Bill ever since!
Edna is still a regular attendee of our presentations and AGMs and last appeared on stage in our production of β€˜Follies’

Although her physical health now prevents her from participating in shows no one can stop her from singing ...and nor would we want to!

The SMAOS family always has a lot of love and admiration to our Queen Bee but especially today!

South Manchester AOS
South Manchester AOS2 weeks ago
Just getting ready to stream our 2018 panto this evening! You can have a summer panto...right?
South Manchester AOS
South Manchester AOS4 weeks ago
An order is being placed with our supplier on Friday 4th September!

We're offering the same items as before plus... by request ... Rehearsal Bags!!

Make sure you're ready for our return to the rehearsal room with our branded garments!

Deadline for orders and payment = Friday 4th September.

Contact us for a catalogue x
South Manchester AOS
South Manchester AOS2 months ago
Today (Sunday 12th July 2020) would have been our annual showcase performance! πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

However, we're not going to let the date pass without some sort of showcase merriment! ...This year we're marking the event quite differently as we're privately streaming our sections from 2011 - 2018 via zoom to create one complete production of 'South Manchester AOS' sections including the ever traditional 'World In Union' finale (from the year our very own Tom Guest was selected to sing the lead vocal)

We've got over 40 members (past and present) signed up to join us, we're just in the final stages of getting everything ready for the broadcast this evening!
The log in details will be sent round to those who've signed up this afternoon!

It's not too late if you'd like to join us too - just drop an email to if you'd like to view!

Streaming tonight at 7:15pm x x
South Manchester AOS
South Manchester AOS2 months ago

Our production of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF in 1981

There are some names and faces we know many of you will recognise here!

South Manchester AOS
South Manchester AOS3 months ago
This coming Sunday would have been our annual Showcase performance at the Salford Lowry (insert sad face here). We thought we'd look back at some of our past showcase performances but instead of showing you pictures you've already seen, here's some backstage shenanigans! Can you tell which sections these two backstage pictures are from?

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